Monday, 3 June 2013

Dying Daily

Who can you show me, who places any value on his time, evaluates the worth of his day, and who understands that he is dying daily?                                 - Seneca, Epistle 1

     Death is not some far off event.  It is happening to us right now.  Every moment brings us closer to it, and even today could be our last day.  Indeed, if one contrasts the vastness of time with our short lives, little more than a drop in the bucket of time, this day might as well be our last.  
     But who really meditates upon this fact?  It is, for most people, a depressing thought, and they ignore it, even deny it, as long as possible.  
     Yet for the Stoic, this thought is not depressing, but essential to happiness.  Once the reality of our mortality is accepted and rehearsed daily in our minds, we will properly estimate the value of our time and our days, and not a moment will be wasted;  for every moment will be dedicated to our true purpose and only source of happiness: the cultivation of Virtue.